At Collé,

We pride ourselves on the production and provision of sustainable clothing for our customers. Colle is unarguable the leading Fashion brand when it comes to the provision of eco-friendly quality clothing at an affordable price. We pay attention to details and ensure our customers get the very best.

Our company was founded in 2019, and we’ve since gone on to rival with other top brands in Belgium. We have stayed atop of the competition, due to our policy of maintaining a good relationship with the environment and providing our customers with optimum satisfaction.


We take our time to carefully research, analyze and come up with breathtaking stylish and retro designs and select the best fabric materials you can ever think of. When you think Colle, you think of a quality Fashion brand with high-quality and affordable clothing.

We are far different from other clothing brands in Belgium and we pride ourselves on the quality and uniqueness of our products. We are not just a clothing brand, but a clothing brand with a well-thought-out and streamlined way of production. We prioritize building a brand identity that everyone can identify for what it is to accruing wealth.

At Collé, we believe that once we can meet the High-standard of our customers, then wealth acquisition and increased sales becomes secondary. We let our product’s quality speak for us which is why we ensure that our customers get the right value for their money.



We take months of in-depth research, analysis, and various procedures when it comes to designing our clothing. Our team of professional designers ensures that any designs they come up with – stylish or retro, are unique and catchy enough to people’s attention. We understand the concept of designing and each of our designs has a unique meaning behind it. This makes Collé designs stand out among every other one.


Collé is a sustainable Fashion brand, as such you, should be expectant that anything from our brand is of the best quality you can ever get. We carefully select the best fabrics that we employ in the production of our clothing.


To call yourself a company environmentally friendly, we believe that you have to be transparent from A to Z. We would like to tell you where our clothes are made and which fabrics we use. We also try to have a good relationship with producers, customers and financial sources.


We started this brand as young entrepreneurs because we want to strive for a more sustainable world in the fashion industry. It is then of the utmost importance to work as much as possible with recycled or organic products and papers. We therefore hope to make a difference in the industry in which we now live.



Fashion makes a pronounced statement about our lifestyle, beliefs, spirituality, and culture, this reason is why one must take into account the quality of the fashion accessories you use and the messages it passes across about you.

Your clothing is an important fashion element; it makes the most statement about your way of life and also expresses your thoughts and personality creatively. This is a clear indication that the essence of Fashion goes beyond beauty and stunning appearance. Fashion is a determinant of luxury, personality, culture, belief, spirituality amongst other things. This reason is why we all need to prioritize the fashion aspect of our existence.

At Collé, we have in-depth knowledge about the science surrounding Fashion, especially clothing. This makes it easy for us to meet your high-standard specifications and requirements. Our core values lie in maintaining a good relationship with the environment via the production of ecofriendly clothing, providing our customers with optimum satisfaction and also building a great brand image through the provision of ecofriendly, high-quality and unique clothing at an affordable price.

We are overly committed to serving our customers better and would for no reason compromise on our core values. Compared to where we project, the brand is still at its base even though it is unarguably the current leading Fashion brand in Belgium.